Prof. Carl Wennerlind: The History of Scarcity: Economy and Nature in the Age of Capitalism

28 October 2021 15:15 to 17:00 Lecture/talk

Nationella forskarskolan i historiska studier firar 20 år och arrangerar jubileumsföreläsningar med inbjudna talare. Carl Wennerlind (Professor of History, Barnard College, Columbia University) håller en föreläsning med titel: "The History of Scarcity: Economy and Nature in the Age of Capitalism". Moderator: Svante Norrhem (Lunds universitet)


The concept of scarcity at the center of modern economics shapes much of the contemporary thinking about economy and nature. The notion that everything is scarce because people are insatiable provides the foundation for what Greta Thunberg famously called the “fairytale of eternal economic growth.” Now that we are entering the Anthropocene and it is becoming clear that infinite economic growth is a threat to the ecological and planetary systems, we will be forced to develop new ways of thinking about interaction between economy and nature. In this lecture, I offer a history of past versions of scarcity from the Renaissance to the present, with an eye towards the development of new perspectives on the interdependence between economy and nature.

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About the event:

28 October 2021 15:15 to 17:00



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