Prof. Tara Zahra: Anti-globalism and Deglobalization in Interwar Europe

27 januari 2022 16:00 till 18:00 Föreläsning

Nationella forskarskolan i historiska studier firar 20 år och arrangerar jubileumsföreläsningar med inbjudna talare. Tara Zahra (Homer J. Livingston Professor of History, University of Chicago) håller en föreläsning med titel: "Anti-globalism and Deglobalization in Interwar Europe". Moderator: Lina Sturfelt (Lunds universitet)

For decades before the First World War, the world seemed to shrink. Millions of migrants crossed the globe. The railway and steamship accelerated their journeys, reducing the cost and risk of travel. The world also arrived on the doorsteps of those who stayed at home, via the telegraph, radio, newspapers, cinema, exhibitions, and foreign goods. To many observers, the growing interconnection of people and states seemed unstoppable. They believed that it would produce progress, prosperity, and peace. These illusions were shattered in 1914, when the First World War ushered in a quarter century of anti-global retrenchment. This talk explores the popular political and social movements on both the far right and the left that sought to pause, reverse, or regulate globalization after the First World War, the relationship between anti-globalism and empire, as well as the consequences of this anti-global revolution on European politics, culture, and society.

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27 januari 2022 16:00 till 18:00



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