Board of the Department of History

The department is lead by a board consisting of twelve members: seven academically-qualified teachers (of which one of them is the department’s prefect), two for technical/administrative personnel and researchers and three students.  The board’s charge is to:
  • decide on the guidelines for the department’s operation and the use of resources.
  • follow-up on the operation of the department, analyize results, and see that the department’s resources are used effectively.
  • make decisions on questions assigned to the board.

Head of the Department

The prefect is the department’s leader and the chairman in the department’s board. The prefect’s charge is to make sure that research and education with a high quality is undertaken within the department’s operation, and to promote the department’s cooperation with society at large. The prefect represents the department within and outside the university. The prefect is responsible for the department’s economy, is the boss of all personnel, and is responsible for the working environment.

The Deputy Head of the Department

The deputy prefect steps in for the prefect in the case of abscense.

The Office Director

The department is divided into three subjects: history, human rights and Asian studies. The office director leads the operations for each respective subject.

The College of Supervisors

The college of supervisors is responsible for the doctoral education. At the department, there is a college of supervisors under the subject of history and the subject of human rights. 

The Director of Studies

The director of studies is responsible for leading and developing the education at the department. The department has a director of studies at each level of study, and at all the subjects, i.e. human rights, history and Asian studies.

The Director of Operations, The National Graduate School in Historical Studies

The National Graduate School in Historical Studies is placed under the subject of history at the instution and is lead by a director of operations. 
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