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My research primarily focuses on processes and patterns of underdevelopment, marginality, and inequality at different levels within China and globally. I am particularly interested in the practice and discourse of microfinance and financial inclusion. Recent publications critically examine the heterogeneous implementation of government-run microcredit programmes in different localities, and demonstrate the ways in which microcredit produces patterns of de-marginalisation for some areas and actors, while simultaneously feeding into processes that lead to the marginalisation and exploitation of others.

I am currently in the process of developing two new research projects. The first seeks to examine the informal migration of Chinese nationals to Ghana in order to engage in small-scale gold mining. The second aims to explore the use of new forms of Internet finance and digital financial inclusion – particularly peer-to-peer lending – in rural areas of China and elsewhere. At the same time, I am involved in research and publications that critically reflect on the methodological challenges implicit in conducting in-depth empirical fieldwork, and which seek to develop new techniques and approaches for interacting with the field and data.

I am also the co-chief editor of the Made in China Journal.


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Nicholas Loubere

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