Belt and Road Buddhism in Sri Lanka?

Publicerad den 14 november 2022
Photo showing the published article text

Tabita Rosendal has written an article for The Diplomat on China’s use of Buddhist diplomacy in Sri Lanka.

In this article, Tabita Rosendal analyzes how China is using Buddhist narratives to promote its soft power in Sri Lanka – and bolster its image as a harmonious regional power.

The article recounts how, in recent years, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has worked hard to mitigate criticism of its policies and its increasing global presence by portraying itself as a benevolent power intent on improving the lives of its neighbours. To this end, the article explores the CCP’s dual use of economic and religious incentives to forward its strategic pursuits under the Belt and Road Initiative’s (BRI) framework.

Read the full article on The Diplomat website here